Radical honesty in dating

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Saying whatever came to mind allowed him to get to know the real me, with all my quirks and faults.

Brad Blanton, a psychotherapist and the author of It is, then, fortunate that my interest in doing it has diminished somewhat over time.It means letting the other person know what is going on in your world so he or she can also let you in.In my opinion, being as open as possible with a date allows a more personal bond to form.Your secrets will kill you, Blanton argues, because the stress of keeping them (and possibly the alienation that comes with being unable to reveal yourself and relate directly and presently to others) will exhaust you and lead you to commit slow suicide through bad habits like drinking too much, overeating, and so on.In , Blanton presents this observation and then offers several techniques for practicing radical honesty, particularly in one’s relationships with other people, where it manifests mainly as the withholding of one’s resentments and appreciations.

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