Ranjan dating fanfiction gekirangers

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This is the characters involved in the fanfiction Super Sentai Vs Super Sentai.

You may want to check out the character sheets of many of the series involved for much more information pertaining the characters., leading a team full of seniors.

However, Takeru and the team managed to save the parents and Mako immediately returned to the good guys.After separating with the team, she reunited with Yuusuke and Ryuu.The count of the Vyrams, formerly defeated by the Jetman, now leading the villains to have his vengeance against the Super Sentai that dared to kill him.He is later seen reuniting with Ryuu, who fought alongside him in the past, and eventually Jun as well.. and helped the team fight the Monster of the Week, and mounts a defense all alone against the invading enemy, until the appearance of Mako caught him off guard and he was wounded.He fought alongside Yuusuke, was separated and was trying to find him or his former Dynaman, when he saved Miki from a certain death. The Super Sentai helped him recover and he helped to defeat the current Monster of the Week, especially after Mako returned to the side of good.

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