Roaming profile not updating on logoff

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After this, you can highlight the Registry transaction logs in the root of your file share and delete them – they’re not needed. Because the Copy Profile command ignores the check box not do this bit????

), and then set a test user to use the mandatory profile in AD or GPO.

However, if machine is connected to VPN (1 hour or more) it always hangs when it is shutting down.

First stage of shut down process is: Sens is timed out after 3 minutes while there is no 6006 event for GPClient and machine is stuck there for ages (Please wait for the group policy client).

This is the way I’ve attacked it in the new video I’ve recorded.

If you want to be really thorough, search for the SID of the user too and remove any references to that.

After this I normally delete any Registry keys which I think are unnecessary. ) of Google references you will find within the Registry.

Summary I’m hoping this is the last time I have to go down the mandatory profiles route. Welcome to Windows 10 and the fast release schedule!

When machine is connected to company's network everything works fine.

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