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You really do have an amazing connection with the audience, and as a performer you raise the bar higher that only a handful can come close to reaching, and the way you interact with the audience is so natural and so beautiful.

You are not only an accomplished, professional gifted musical genius, but a truly heart-warming and graceful person (and comical too because you had the audience laughing both nights).

We long time fans of Supertramp and Roger Hodgson had "the treat of a lifetime" on Friday night at Casino Rama It was well worth the drive in that nasty weather! The Canadian Idol performance was a nice touch and shows what a mentor you are.

Finding the true gem in a very talented horn/keyboard player (Erin from London) was awesome as well.

(My honey Rob is a sax player and enjoyed the excitement with which Erin played and the great sound he had).

The Elora Festival Singers gave me shivers as well as the very talented band and Orchestra and background vocalists.

I felt compelled to make sure I sent this email because of the great time I had. I am a Canadian and most certainly appreciated the acknowledgement of how well your albums sold in Canada and the fact you thanked us. Thank you for sharing a little about your life with me and I'm sorry you were in a boy's school so young.

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LOVE AND PEACE BOB LEWIS After having seen you in concert in Quebec City back in 1997 during your Solo Tramp Tour, I can assure you that I was awaiting anxiously to see you perform again, and when word came out of your Canadian Tour this fall, I bought tickets (the same day they went on sale) for your shows in Casino Rama. 28, and it truly was an awe-inspiring feeling both nights, to see you up on stage playing to a mesmerized audience.

We haven't seen Roger perform since the 98 Solo Tramp tour at the Bottom Line in NYC.

Our seats were hugging the wall at Casa Rama and we weren't sure what kind of sound we would get. I was curious to see how an orchestra would enhance the music and you can see the results with "School" and "Even in the Quietest Moments".

And with every new album comes a tour, so for years and years to come, we will be seeing more and more of you. I have listened to your music since the early Supertramp days when I was 12 years old and it still holds true as some of the best music in my life.

Before the concert I was wondering how you would be able to perform some of those classics. I have had you in my life since I was 17,thanks to my brother and his week end parties.

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