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it's as much and by watching the incredibly eye-opening NIH lecture by Dr. Herbert Virgin below on the virome and the potentially indispensable role that viruses play in establishing the baseline genotype-phenotype relationship within the human immune system: Additionally, while there are a broad spectrum of natural substances which have been studied for their anti-influenza properties, vitamin D deserves special consideration due to the fact that it is indispensable to produce antiviral peptides (e.g. The vaccination process artificially simulates and co-opts a natural process, generating a broad range of adverse unintended consequences, many of which have been documented here.Vaccine proponents would have us believe that natural immunity is inferior to synthetic immunity, and should be replaced by the latter (see our article on the vaccine agenda: Transhumanism/Dehumanism).

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The Association is getting specific For Sale/For Rent signs for the neighborhood when placing our homes for sale or rent.

This review looked at evidence from experimental and non-experimental studies carried out over 40 years of influenza vaccination, including 75 studies.

And yet still they conclude that an adequately powered and publicly-funded (read: independent, non-industry influenced study) RCT of sufficient duration has yet to be performed.

The is thrown at the immune system in order to conserve the expensive-to-produce antigen and to generate a more intense immune response - a process, not unlike what happens when you kick a beehive.

These chemicals include detergents, anti-freeze, heavy metals, xenotrophic retroviruses, DNA from aborted human fetuses (diploid cells) and other species, etc.

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