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After thousands of years of incursions and invasions, China has finally built up strong borders.

But while many of Russia's neighbors are peaceful — Estonia, Finland, Norway, and Latvia come to mind — China borders Afghanistan, North Korea, Myanmar, and Pakistan. Nobody knows when — or if — the North Korean government will collapse, but the idea of 24 million starving people suddenly finding themselves without a government is a frightening one for Beijing.That's one good reason China's military budget is 8 billion a year and rising.At the same time, China is remarkably lacking in real, dependable allies.The Second Artillery fields more than 1,100 conventional short-range ballistic missiles with ranges of 1,000 kilometers or less, another 300 or so conventional medium-range ballistic missiles, and an estimated 120 long-range nuclear ballistic missiles..That's about nine percent of global military spending and just under half of all spending in Asia.

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