Safety issues of carbon dating

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Manganism is also referred to as manganese poisoning, and manganese-induced Parkinsonism. Irving Sax published a book which noted that manganese "affects the nervous syste1. The move doesn't address the underlying question of whether welding fumes can in fact cause Parkinson's, but rather will help shape an avalanche of litigation now poised to move forward in a host of other courts.About 4,500 separate welding cases have been aggregated in front of the Cleveland judge as part of a multidistrict litigation order.

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Chronic manganese poisoning in the welding profession was even recognized in 1981, by the World Health Organization.

Additionally, recent studies have further shown that some welders exposed to welding rod fumes have now developed symptoms of Parkinsonism or Manganism, similar to Pakinson's Disease.

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According to the complaint, recent research, case studies and medical literature confirm that there is a causal connection between exposure to manganese welding fumes and Parkinson's disease.

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