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Actually, there are quite a few pictures I haven’t seen before; Brian [May, Queen’s guitarist] is quite a hoarder – he’s been holding on to this stuff for years.” He remains upbeat about the whole Queen experience, and proud that the band [including bass guitarist John Deacon] never went through the kind of self-destructive internal arguments that saw off so many rivals.

We were very painstaking and technically minded, and particularly conscious, in the early days, of how long it was taking, because studio time cost something like £30 an hour, which was a fortune back then.” There were, however, plenty of recreational moments; the band even once employed someone full-time to pep up their parties.

Four decades of belting out anthems as a member of Queen have left their mark.

“It’s happened to a lot of my contemporaries, especially drummers like me,” he says. Without my hearing aids in, I miss a lot of peripheral sounds.

“We had a man whose job was to find unusual people,” recalls Taylor.

“In America, he hired a guy whose thing was to lie on the ground, covered in these great, big cold meat collations that Americans love.

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