Selectonemenu not updating backing bean

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A full form submit (command Button/command Link) causes the entire form's input control values to be sent to the server, and if they are valid, the backing bean updates their corresponding properties, the action method is invoked, and then JSF navigates to whatever page the action method returns a reference to. Or, if the action is "immediate", the property validation and updating is skipped and the action method is invoked directly.

An AJAX submit is essentially the same process except that you can limit what input values from the form will be submitted and instead of rendering a fresh copy of the page, you can indicate that only selected parts of the current page should be updated.

It doesn't appear you're in need of it, so you should be able to safely remove it.

You can still pull the GET parameters from within your @Post Construct, old school: @Post Constructpublic void init() | this answer edited Jul 22 '14 at answered Jul 19 '14 at kolossus 16k 2 26 63 Recommend:java - Primefaces / JSF: select One Menu value is not set, ajax listener not calledemenus never sets its value binding, "selected Group", so the second dropdown is never populated.

Is expecting to obtain a String from the "get Components" backing bean. Beyond that, since this is a property EL expression, the proper coding of it would have been "onsubmit="#", as the "get" and "set" is implicit in a property reference.

And last, but not least, the "onsubmit" attribute value must contain a "return" statement indicating whether the submit is to be processed (true) or suppressed (false).

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Likewise, action="#" is bad practice, because - again - you're not supposed to be coding logic, you're supposed to be coding a logic reference, so the proper syntax is as follows: Beyond such basic stuff as that, I'd recommend trying to get things working right without the dialog wrapping it first.

For one thing, you don't have to use that type of View Scoped yet; it was introduced to lead to the eventual deprecation of javax. As at now, it's still very valid and just as applicable.

The only restriction on that annotation is that it's not applicable to a CDI bean and it's the only viewscope that will allow the @Inject annotation.

The backing bean data type of the list being displayed is ( The display of the list works fine but the filter onkeyup event seems to fire the AJAX request and a response is returned with what looks like the entire data set for the list.

Final with JSF, Facelets, Deployed on Tomcat6) I was trying out the data Table component to filter a list.

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