Self monitoring and dating relationships

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She will let her mom know when she is unhappy with a snack choice.Her tears and screams of dissatisfaction are what she knows to do and monitoring her behavior, or the effect it has on others, is not part of her skill set.Results showed that high self-monitoring women were more favorable than low self-monitoring women about their dates, regardless of males' levels of self-monitoring.All males, however, preferred low self-monitoring women.On the other hand, when Jenny's mother, Darla, is presented with a food choice that she does not like, she may choose to not eat it, ask for something different, or eat it anyways to be respectful of the person who gave it to her.Typically, screaming and crying will not be Darla's response because she has the ability to monitor her behavioral expression.Tim also has strong religious beliefs but is a low self-monitor and will express his beliefs at church, home, work, and in social settings.

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Individuals have different capacities to self-monitor that evolve over time.

Investigation 2 revealed that these differences in motivations between high and low self-monitors are reflected in their differential preferences for characteristics in a dating partner.

Overall, the results suggest that self-monitoring may influence whether and why individuals enter long-term relationships and what they seek to obtain from these relationships.

College students (N=64 couples) completed the Self-Monitoring Scale, the Bem Androgyny Scale, and personal data forms.

Pairs of subjects met each other and conversed briefly.

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