Sex chat guys jaking off

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Come on, say it with me: "there's NOTHING wrong with masturbation." Not a thing.

It won't put hair on your palms, make you go blind, ruin you for sex (whatever that means), make you gay, or make your dick shrink -- or get bigger for that matter. Just about everyone on this planet: more people jerk off than don't. So if everyone does it, and it won't hurt you, then what's the big deal?

Those who don't want to be offended in that manner always have the option of keeping their eyes forward - no one is 'forcing' you to look. It appeared they had several booths with glory holes between them, but I have only gone in the private booths.

I've visited adult video arcades in adult book stores hundreds of times in dozens of stores in Iowa, IL, and WI, and I can tell you if anybody has a problem seeing you stroking your cock in a place like that, then "simple common sense" dictates that the the offended person should buy a magazine in the store and take it home and JO in private so he doesn't have to "see" anything offensive.

I can't tell you what's bad for your soul -- only that masturbation won't do anything to your body or your mind.

Another line I get all the time is that masturbation is something you do only when you can't have sex, that it's something only desperate people do -- wrong!

Many folks perfer to masturbate -- maybe their too tired for sex, or just don't want to do something just for themselves.

Couples often masturbate together -- which can be very hot -- if they don't want to worry about sexually transmitted diseases or getting pregnant.

If you are offended by nudity, or offended by guys having sex solo, or with others, or by seeing cum on the floor, or by opening an unlocked door to find somebody sitting there stroking a big juicy cock, then you have absolutely no business being in that video arcade, because that's what goes on there.

I have been in several video arcades and leaving the door cracked was common.

For myself, I love looking through the openings and see men jacking their hot cocks.

Keep in mind what I've said before: just about everyone on this planet masturbates, and usually those that say they don't aren't telling the truth.

It's easy to say that you shouldn't feel bad about jerking off -- after all, for lots of people all they've ever heard is bad things about masturbation -- but you can start by just giving yourself some slack. It's pleasuring yourself, reducing tension and relaxing.

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