Sex dating in viola arkansas

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I ignorerude and wicked people and respect kind and trusty people.

I'm adventurous but sometimes just love to chill with a small group of friends. I enjoy movies concerts parties poetry recreational things haha.... I have blonde/brown hair, blue/green eyes, 5'9, pierced tounge. I HAVE HAZEL EYES TO BE DESCRIBED ONLY AS CAT EYES.

-Clone Voucher is allowed but cannot earn the family any points Black Market Restriction: The Black Market is no longer being monitored by police.

Kleptos, rummagers and theives are now allowed to liquidate their ill gotten goods for cash.

If additional neighborhoods are made available with mods or EPs, or we gain the ability to plop our own lots down, they may be used, as long as the lot in question is completely empty and costs at least ,700. Plain and simple, no money or mood cheats (with the exception of the “family funds” cheat to lower your founder’s income down to 00 if they purchase a smaller lot and any cheat needed to fix a game-breaking glitch or bug).

You may use custom objects, as long as their price and mood effects are in line with similar ‘official’ objects.

I am a Christian, I don't smoke and rarely ever drink, (can count the times on my fingers).

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You have full choice over their look, color and clothing. I have quite a lot of interests and hobbies and always am ready for new ones, as I want to I'm an outgoing open minded but opinionated girl..i love to have fun and lead a party life... LOOKING FOR A NICE GUY TO SPEND SOME TIME WITH STARTING SLOW AND GOING FROM THERE. I always reach an understanding with unknown people. I am very tender and feminine in nature but very strong by character, very goal-oriented woman, with an optimistic outlook in life. Also I am very passionate and want to be the best lover for my husband. My name is Jamie and I am looking for a friend ( or two ) I am ready to meet new people and I figured that this is one way to start. The Legacy Challenge is a long, 10-generation challenge where you start out with a single founder and very humble beginnings and try to lead the family to fame, fortune and success over the course of 10 generations. You will be using this file exclusively to play your Legacy Challenge. Custom content may be used if you like, including create-a-style custom patterns and colors.

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