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Both groups ate 2,000 kcal a day and did a walking program.

At the end of the trial, the HCA group lost 1% more weight (not significant), but the group taking HCA also left more food on their plate.

The claim is that HCA inhibits an ezyme, citrate lyase, from converting carbohydrates into fat.

This process compels the body to burn the carbs, instead of the normal reaction of storing them as fat.

Valid options are: 101 (talk radio: will break the file into 15 minute chunks) or 103 (music). source_name (optional): Friendly name of station, spaces are OK (Example: 'Power 103'). call_sign (optional): Call letters of the radio station that is being recorded (Examples: KFUN, WABT or Jazz88.3). This should be a natural number (Examples: 60, 120, 180, 240, or 300). frequency (optional): How often the show should be recorded.

Oz mentioned garcinia cambogia as a possible weight loss tool, people’s curiosity has been piqued.

That said, its medicinal benefits resemble fruits high in vitamin C.

Like most fruits, it’s also probably low in fat, high in water content and fiber.

The taste of Malabar tamarind is sour and acidic, which contributes to its reputation as a digestive aid in Ayurveda.Though there’s a bit of sweetness to the fruit, the overwhelming sourness of it makes it unpalatable to eat raw.As such, the fruit—particularly the rind—is used to enhance the zest of several dishes.Many Indians use the fruit as a substitute to the sour tamarind because of its likeness in taste.I’ve not found its nutritional information, unfortunately.

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