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" As she emerged in the office after the long holiday, she found herself surrounded by weird smiling faces.

One computer surveillance guy could no longer hold it back and he asked her: "Did you have rice noodles today?

In late September, she did not realize that her occasional passionate chats with her boyfriend were providing her co-workers with fodder for their lascivious "fun." She was asking what her boyfriend would do during the upcoming seven-day National Day holiday.Yes, you can monitor what I say, but you cannot spread my private affairs without my prior consent.And if I were caught leaking business secrets on MSN, you would call the police. That only means no one can take them home or damage them intentionally." She didn't get it at first but about a month later she realized what had happened.She burst into the office of the computer guys to find that all employees' chats were being monitored.

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