Songs about dating violence

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Once you have visited all statements, return to your seats."Once the group has returned to their seats, announce that ALL of the statements are TRUE. Today's session will involve seeing a short video and having a discussion about this very important topic.

Explain that the group will be watching a three minute clip from IN THE MIX, a series for teens that airs on PBS.

If there’s ever any doubt in your significant other, or if you feel like he or she may be overreacting, just remember this melodious song.

This throwback song is all about being there for your significant other or their ride or die.

Some of what the couple talks about may bring on strong emotions.

This is natural, but comments should be held until the group discussion.

Below you’ll find a list of songs that encourage a healthy relationship and discourage it.

Hopefully, you can listen to these songs to show you what is a health relationship — and what’s not.

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The group will be discussing the video and doing an activity based on the video.

Charlie Puth covers a very important part of a healthy relationship in this song: Do not change yourself for anybody.

If you have to change for your significant other, then it’s not meant to be.

Learn more about dating violence by visiting the Web sites listed at the end of this activity.

Materials Students will need: (Facilitator Note: The statements do not have to be hung in any particular order.

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