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It looks like now there are more broken paths so I'm needing something that will look for "Download of Sophos Auto Update failed from server _______________________________________" and have the script fill in the blank in the text file.

Ever since the Windows 10 Insider Preview came out, people have been griping about mandatory updates in Microsoft’s new operating system.

Has anyone had any luck with getting their Sophos update path?

I've found the update server in the registry, but it does not return the path.

Instead of Sophos offering a tool to clean things up, I was forced to use a Microsoft "Fix It" tool to remove it.

When the removal finished, there were still 3 service entries that were left behind, as well as Sophos files in "Program Files (x86)" and Program Data.

Havoc-inducing Microsoft updates in the past year have included KB3033929, the Power Point-killing patch, and KB3004394 – the update to fix an old update that ended up breaking a new update.

So far over 95% of our machines are working correctly since we've applied a patch. My current script checks for a string "Download of Sophos Auto Update failed from server and if it exists then it returns a text file that Kace inventories, and I have a report ran on it.

Please contact the IT helpdesk at x4357 or [email protected] someone from the IT division can assist you.

To determine if you are fixed, first reboot your computer.

Bott reports that when Windows 10 arrives this week, Windows Update won’t include the option of opting out of mandatory updates, but there’s a hidden Microsoft troubleshooting package, KB3073930, that allows users to hide or block Windows Updates and driver updates.

Microsoft acknowledges that “in rare cases”, a specific driver or update might temporarily cause problems, and in such cases users need a way to prevent the problematic driver or update from reinstalling automatically the next time Windows Updates are installed.

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