Speed dating in chicago reviews

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While that’s going on, Antonio comes to ask Casey about the fire, and specifically Cordova. Instead, Casey finds Cordova at Molly’s and asks if there’s anything he needs to know.

There are three bundles of cash definitely missing from the stash house.

Casey understands and says he’ll put in a good word for Cordova wherever he chooses to go.

We then move on to Otis seeing a ton of supportive texts from his firehouse family before he goes in for his next evaluation, and Stella emoting as she’s moved into her new apartment episode that some will love and some may hate.

The next day, Christopher Herrmann (David Eigenberg) is likewise in hot water with his wife.

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Cordova tells them he saw someone else in the fire and followed him, which would match the story Dawson got from the victim.Jake Cordova (guest star Damon Dayoub) goes MIA when he’s needed, which leaves Stella having to get help from Severide to rescue a trapped woman.They get the job done, but where the heck was Cordova?Stella informs Severide that she’s moving out because she doesn’t want to be “another mistake.” He tries to remind her that Brittany didn’t mean anything, but Stella says that’s what concerns her and leaves him standing in the locker room.In the final few minutes, has Cordova take the unprecedented step of showing up at Dawsey’s place.

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