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A beautiful example of a Canonflex RM is at Captain Jack's Canonflex SLR Cameras - RM.The RM is the last and most abundant of the Canonflex cameras with 72,000 produced according to Cameraquest - Canonflex.Mine was purchased on e Bay on 7-28-06 as part of a lot of cameras for plus .80 shipping. The original owner was in the military and recalls buying the camera overseas around that time.(The other cameras included an Argus A-2, Minolta Hi-Matic AF (good looking but not working), Tower 18B (not working) and a Coronet B light meter.) The Canon EX-Auto is in excellent cosmetic and working condition. It has open aperture match needle metering using Canon FD lenses.It has a typical shutter speed dial, but the aperture adjustment is on a dial on top of the camera instead of on a lens ring.The dial does not have all the intermediate apertures but you could read what they were in the viewfinder.Shutter preferred automatic exposure was achieved by setting the aperture dial to EE.

This original Canonflex has a removable Pentaprism similar to Miranda and Topcon cameras. The Canonflex RP appeared in 1960 which was similar to the original Canonflex but had a fixed pentaprism.

Captain Jack's Canonflex SLR Cameras indicates a black version and a Bell & Howell version of the RM are much more rare.

The owner's manual is available at Christian Rollinger's Canon Photo Page. The mirror also only returns once the film advance is turned.

I also bought a Canon 50mm f1.2 FL lens (my second) and a Canon 35mm FL lens, each for .

As interesting as the camera is, the original owner was more interesting. Fred Gerlach was born August 26, 1925 and died December 31, 2009. Fred Gerlach - Tribune Tributes.) As explained in his Obituary published January 7, 2010 in the San Diego Union-Tribune, he was a Detroit native, grew up in New York City and came to California in the late 1950s. He is most famous as a 12 string guitar player and maker. Fred Gerlach, Discography, Weenie ) Recordings are available at Smithsonian Folkways and

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