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Dr Clark says that the gun is defective because its wide beam can easily pick up the wrong vehicle.

Furthermore, if the device is not held firmly on the target - and this is a difficult task - it can produce an erroneous speed result by "slippage".

No doubt they fear the enormous consequences, including a clamour for fine refunds and compensation over the loss of licences or even livelihoods." Expert witnesses compromised Alarmingly, the Mail can reveal, too, that the main expert witness used by the CPS to convict motorists in such cases - a former police officer named Frank Garratt - also makes his living as boss of the company importing the devices into Britain.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Mr Garratt, a millionaire, told the Mail the LTI 20.20. One of the gun's toughest critics is Dr Michael Clark, Europe's leading expert on laser technology.

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Ironically, some of the huge sum is used to pay for even more police speed reinforcement teams relying on exactly the same laser speed gun at the centre of the Mail's investigation.In the past nine years, an extraordinary one-in-five drivers has been fined for speeding, despite many protesting their innocence.Lawyers we spoke to say motorists are now rebelling by refusing to pay fines and fighting their cases through the courts.Rigorous tests We subjected the speed gun to rigorous tests.Alarmingly, we discovered it was prone to wildly wide-of-the-mark readings, even when set up according to the police's own guidelines and the manufacturer's handbook.

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