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The mission: arrest David Koresh, confiscate any illegal weapons, and keep the children safe. …And I thought, "I'm not gonna let 'em kill me in here."Buford -- on the hood of a vehicle -- was rescued by fellow agents. Byron Sage: It was by far the most devastating -- demanding experience that I've ever gone through in 46 years in law enforcement. Peter Van Sant: If given time, if the FBI had shown more patience, he may have finished the writing of these Seven Seals and walked out of that building? Despite the massive loss of life and despite knowing today that David Koresh had sex with children, Clive Doyle, Sheila Martin and others believe their messiah will make one last dramatic entry. They would drive onto the property in two pickup trucks pulling cattle trailers, with about 35 armed agents in each, hiding under canvas tarps. The Davidians and the ATF each swear the other fired first. Larry Gilbreath was at his sister's house when the ATF raid went down. Sage got on the phone to the compound: Byron Sage: These people … Clive Doyle: We believe that it's a special resurrection that will take place and David and all those that died … Lee Hancock: He decided that the preacher's daughter had been given to him by God and wanted to have sex with her. Marc Breault says Koresh's mind control took a sinister turn in 1989, when he announced a new revelation from God. …I could see that things were getting -- out of control. Adams says she was terrified Koresh would choose her for sex. that this thing may happen that I started to flip out, I guess. Then, when he learned her visa had expired -- and that immigration authorities may come looking for her -- he relented. It's time for you to go."Grace Adams did leave, but was so traumatized by her experience she spent more than two weeks at a California hospital in a psychiatric ward.

Koresh would begin building an extensive arsenal of firearms and explosives to defend against the apocalyptic attack he had predicted was coming. to the bathroom in a bucket and take it outside and bury it. Peter Van Sant: What did you do in your spare time? Koresh could sometimes get violent even with one of his own children, including a 4-year-old son he fathered the only time he was legally married to Rachael Jones -- a 14-year-old girl. To me, that was normal She says Koresh made everyone fear the outside world. Elizabeth Breault: "Oh no -- by the way -- I've had a revelation. The Treasury Department was critical of its own ATF officers.

Peter Van Sant: Is the reason why you -- you weren't able to go get your daughter is because … Clive Doyle: That's what the FBI would like is to blame me.

Execution Watch with Ray Hill can be heard on KPFT 90.1 FM,in Galveston at 89.5, Livingston at 90.3,and in Huntsville at 89.7 as well as on the net here from PM CT to PM CT on any day Texas executes a prisoner.

Award winning investigative journalist Lee Hancock, considered one of the country's leading Waco experts, covered the rise of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians for more than two decades.

Lee Hancock: Koresh was talking about the end of the world happening in a giant conflict. Lee Hancock: David Koresh was the illegitimate child of a woman who gave birth to him at 14 years old. …One of the next men that she took up with actually beat Koresh.

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