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About two months before Akbar wrote the above words to Philip II, Pope Gregory wrote to Emperor Akbar, beginning thus: May the Merciful God, who deigned to inspire you to listen to the teaching of the evangelical doctrine, transfer you as soon as possible from darkness to light.After then pointing out that Akbars whole earthly kingdom was not worth the salvation of his soul, the Pope noted: Life is short and human condition uncertain.Akbar requested that Jesuit priests come to his court so that he could learn from them.Pope Gregory XIII had little respect for these and others of Akbars beliefs.About Akbars time and in rather less challenging circumstances, Europeans were massacring each other in a way that the European tradition of reason still struggles to understand. Bartholomews Day and continuing for a few days, Catholic mobs brutally killed Huguenots their neighbors, Christians like them, but Protestants.The madness subsequently spread to the countryside, where some Catholics eagerly found reason to kill their Huguenot neighbors.See that you do not neglect your own salvation or appear to fail to the grace of God that calls you.

Bartholomews Day massacre, while a recent scholarly book, drawing on an earlier peer-reviewed article, estimates the number at 3,000.

An artifact produced in the royal atelier of the Mughal emperor Akbar, the Hamzanama of Akbar originally included 1400 huge folios.

The folios were arranged in 14 volumes, each kept in a large box.

In directing the creation of the Hamzanama, Akbar invested greatly in enhancing the sensuousness of the adventures of Hamza.

In providing complex, loosely organized paintings and open, wide-ranging verbal resources, the Hamzanama enlarged and enriched the possibilities for making sense of presence in a performance of the adventures of Hamza.

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