Statistics on interracial dating 2016

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These numbers tell you that among the five major racial/ethnic groups in the U.

S., Asian Americans have the highest college degree attainment rate, rates of having an advanced degree (professional or Ph.

It's not unusual for an Asian American family to have four, five, or more members working.

A more telling statistic is median personal income (also known as per capita income).

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Yes, in these categories, Asians even outperform Whites.

It is true that in many ways, Asian Americans have done very well socially and economically.

The data in the following tables was calculated using the 2000 Census Public Use Microdata Samples, and they compare the major racial/ethnic groups among different measures of what sociologists call "socioeconomic achievement." To view the full-size table of statistics, click on the graphic below.

Asian Americans seem to have done so well that magazines such as proclaim us to be the "model minority." They point to statistics like this and say how well Asian Americans are doing in society and that we've overcome past instances of prejudice and discrimination without resorting to political or violent confrontations with Whites.

Further, our success should serve as an example for other racial/ethnic minority groups to follow in their own quest to overcome barriers in their way to achieving the American dream.

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