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The Health Framework for California Public Schools (2003) provides voluntary guidelines to districts and schools, including additional supporting information and an update of school health laws. schools to fulfill their physical education obligations" in Assembly Concurrent Resolution 31 (2003).

Education Code 33350 (no date available) encourages school districts that offer physical education in grades K-12 to provide quality instruction that develops the knowledge, attitudes, skills, behaviors, and motivation needed for lifelong fitness and activity.

Education Code 51202 (1976/1992) requires instruction on personal and public safety and accident prevention; the effects of the use of tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, dangerous drugs, and other dangerous substances; venereal disease; and prenatal care at the appropriate elementary and secondary grade levels." A number of other provisions to support effective substance abuse and gang prevention are contained in Education Codes 51260 to 51269 (1986/90).

Some sections of the Education Code express general support for school health education but do not establish mandates.

In addition, instruction and materials must provide information about the effectiveness and safety of all FDA-approved contraceptive methods in preventing pregnancy, including, but not limited to, emergency contraception.

In addition, instruction and materials shall provide pupils with skills for making and implementing responsible decisions about sexuality.

Instruction must teach respect for marriage and committed relationships.

Other details of the criteria for school districts that elect to offer comprehensive sexual health education is outlined in the code.

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Education Code 51933 (2003) authorizes school districts to provide comprehensive sexual health education, consisting of age-appropriate instruction, in kindergarten to grade 12, inclusive, using instructors trained in the appropriate course." All factual information presented must be medically accurate and objective.

Education Code 51222(b) (1976) states that a variety of physical education elective courses must be made available to these students who are exempted.

Education Code 51242 (1976) states that students who participate in school sponsored interscholastic athletic programs may be exempted from courses in physical education.

Exemptions: Education Code 51241 (2007) permits the governing board of a school district to exempt a student from courses in in physical education if the pupil is one of the following: (1) Ill or injured and a modified program to meet the needs of the pupil cannot be provided or (2) Enrolled for one-half, or less, of the work normally required of full-time pupils.

Exemptions from physical eduction course may be granted to pupils for two years any time during grades 10 to 12, inclusive, if the pupil has met satisfactorily any five of the six standards of the physical performance test administered in grade 9 pursuant to Section 60800.

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