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12 If you invest your money on the stock market, you risk....................................... Coursework is generally more applied in nature and of a shorter duration, and is suited for people who wish to enchance their career options in many walks of life. CD New English File for upper-intermediate level U-7 B 2.

READING There are two main kinds of postgraduate study: coursework and research. A self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students.

Non-finite forms of the verb (Verbals) : the Infinitive (), the Participle (), the Gerund ().

: must, can (could), may (might), shall (should), will (would), do (did), need: ex.

RESEARCH Research degrees are a program of supervised original research in a chosen discipline, culminating in the completion of a supervised thesis which shows detailed knowledge of the subject matter, independent thought and effective research skills (for a Masters), while to gain a Ph D, candidates must also demonstrate the ability for critical analysis and research, and make a significant and original contribution to the knowledge and understanding of the field of study.

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5 Have you finished.................................. Such arrangements are negotiated on a case by case basis. a) whose of you b) which of you c) what of you d) when of you 2) : Who cooks at your home? d) He has animals GLOSSARY Students individual work 1.

It is also possible to negotiate co-tutelle (conjoint degree) arrangements where your degree is jointly awarded by JCU and an institution in your home country.

A reason for the action in the main clause: ) would mean «while I was washing the car».

People don’t want to waste their time eating in the restaurants at lunch time.

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