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Pick up a membership form from one of our helpful volunteers. Volunteers are needed in all areas of the museum, from Traffic being conductor and driver to helping in the workshop, cleaning, and even admin.Something a bit different for your wedding, why not get photos with our trams. We can arrange a time for you and your wedding party to get those memorable shots with our vintage trams. A few years later Kai met Javi, the two married and welcomed baby Lincoln. During an episode of her podcast, Coffee & Convos, Kailyn shared the news that she’s now dating a woman.Then, after a nasty split from Javi, Kailyn have birth only a few months ago to her third son, Lux, whom she shares with another guy, ‘friend’ Chris Lopez. When asked if she's gone "on a legitimate date," Kailyn said, "Yes and no." “We go out to eat, but it’s kind of hard because I have kids, I have a baby.” “We were friends for a year and so it kind of just turned into [a romantic relationship],” Kailyn continued.If you really enjoy your day out why not join up and lend a hand. Keep an eye on the website and facebook page https:// Tramway Museum/ for special events including our annual Vintage Tramway Festival on the last Sunday in February.Learn skills in all areas from Track and Infrastructure, to Workshop, to Conducting and Driving. We are in need of more volunteers to help out, so if you really enjoy visit to the museum why not come back, become a member, and lend a hand.

I’ve had more sex in 18 months than I had in 44 years.” Want to SHORTCUT past a lifetime of FRUSTRATION with women in just a few days?

The dating world can be pretty daunting, with awkward dinners and unsatisfying chat aplenty, but now there is a new form of dating that we are ridiculously excited about. The good people from Dear Pluto have teamed up with the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home to bring dog lovers together in the best way possible — by letting them play with puppies.

The whole shindig involves putting 20 eligible singles in room together, adding in a collection of pups that you may or may not want to keep forever, and letting the humans and doggos mingle together.

The first event takes place this Sunday (18th June, 2018) at and tickets are each — which you can enter a ballot for here.

All profits going to the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

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