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He laid a solid foundation for building a new society of Tajikistan, held constitutional reform in the country, created a new Constitution of Tajikistan, provided political and legal basis for signing General Agreement on the Establishment of Peace and National Accord on June 27, 1997.

Emomali Rahmon brought peace between Tajiks, which was instructive experience for the world community.

Over twenty years of independence, under the leadership of Emomali Rahmon our country made confident steps forward on the path of building an independent democratic state.

During this time, Tajikistan has had its own flag, emblem and anthem.

But the next day he said he 'felt lucky' to land a prize with a rack in 'pretty good shape ...

not all busted up from fighting.'He's demanding reimbursement or his original horns, but he said a possible exchange is complicated by international treaties governing hunting of argali, a threatened species in Tajikistan.

Thus, the historical merits of Emomali Rahmon consist in the fact that he took over management of the state, prevented the threat of its collapse, extinguished the flames of civil war, restored paralyzed power authorities, particularly the law enforcement bodies, created a national army and border troops, provided the conditions for consolidation of power and state, guaranteed the nation's peace, returned the refugees and displaced persons back to homeland.

Tajikistan has recognized the UN Charter, the Helsinki Final Act, the Paris Declaration and other international agreements and pursues its internal and foreign policy, protecting human rights, regardless of nationality, religion or race.

Emomali Rahmon has made a grand contribution to enhancing the international credibility and prestige of Tajikistan, in addressing global issues.

The bitter experience of internal wars in the world suggests that no single state could overcome its opponents on the battlefield and stand at the head of the state machine, management structures and military agencies, using weapons, equipment and its warriors.

To date, the state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan has been officially recognized by more than 150 countries of the world.

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