Text dating no email needed

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Against attackers who aren't sufficiently skilled, good security may protect you completely.It is hard to put a dollar value on security that is strong enough to assure you that your embarrassing emails and personnel information won't end up posted online somewhere, but Sony clearly failed here. They didn't have to leave so much information exposed.But even scarier are the high-skill, high-focus attacks­ -- the type that hit Sony.This includes sophisticated attacks seemingly run by national intelligence agencies, using such spying tools as Regin and Flame, which many in the IT world suspect were created by the U.I think of them as the background radiation of the Internet. These include the more sophisticated attacks using newly discovered "zero-day" vulnerabilities in software, systems and networks.This is the sort of attack that affected Target, J. Morgan Chase and most of the other commercial networks that you've heard about in the past year or so.

We know people who do penetration testing for a living -- real, no-holds-barred attacks that mimic a full-on assault by a dogged, expert attacker -- and we know that the expert always gets in.

Against a sufficiently skilled, funded and motivated attacker, all networks are vulnerable.

But good security makes many kinds of attack harder, costlier and riskier.

Usually, to send a text from PC to cell phones or other mobile devices you need to know your recipient's wireless carrier, and in most cases, you don't. Using the form on the left, select your country, enter the phone number and click: Transcript With Open Texting you can send text messages from the web to any phone number, for free! Choose your recipient’s country and service provider.

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