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But basically YES they still work today, and very well.

And easily beaten wheels are what you see in the demonstration videos provided by roulette computer sellers.

But it takes a trained eye and analysis to recognize the difference between an easily beaten wheel, and one that’s more like modern wheels in real casinos.

They can be built into many electronic devices such as mobile phones.

The image at the top of this page shows some of the computers I was sent by purchasers.

The result is the ball will hit specific metal deflectors (diamonds) more than others. So if you charted which diamond the ball hit, your chart may look like below: Alternatively, the ball may hit each diamond just as often as others. An un-level surface is only part of what may cause a “dominant diamond”.

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Each of these use similar algorithms that do well on old and worn wheels, but have very poor accuracy on modern wheels that are in good condition.Then they’d wait for the wheel to complete a full revolution, and click the button again when zero comes around to the same diamond.This would give the roulette computer a wheel (rotor) timing of something like 3000ms (3 seconds for a revolution). And multiple revolutions can be timed to reduce errors and improve accuracy.There are many variables that determine how easily a wheel can be beaten, if at all.Generally there are two main types of wheels that roulette computer sellers refer to. Simply a “titled” wheel means the wheel may not be on a completely level table, so the ball may fall from the ball track at some points more than others.

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