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The myth surrounding the Sex Pistols continues to grow year on year...

in particular the idea that Malcolm Mc Laren "created" the band to cause chaos etc..

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And as for your comment about selling to working class posers, you sound like a pompous nouveau mug."Overrated, prefabricated snotty whiners!

For what its worth, I rather enjoy most of the Pistol's songs.... With the greatest respect, Bill of Martinsville , NJ. The Sex Pistols was as raw as raw can be in the music industry,whatever followed by whoever thereafter, was in some way influenced by them.

if you are a true sex pistols fan and a sid vicious fan, you'll know he couldn't play the bass and didn't do so well on his own. in johnny lydon's biography, not only does he go on about how glen and sid were damn near total opposites, but there are images of both of them in the same photo. Unionist/Loyalist are simply interchangeable words that essentially mean the same thing. MPLA stands for Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola.

Anyone who even places "Green Day" or any other band of the sort in the same category are retarded.

Pure punk are The Ramones, the Dead Kennedys, the Circle Jerks, The Damned, Siouxsee and the Banshees, and many, many more. How low has punk music sank that today we put the Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones in the same category as gay poser sh*t bands like Green Day, Simple Plan, and Blink 182. Alex from Lancaster you are the biggest idiot of all time and believe me,if this was me and you face to face i would kick your ass.

Matlock reports on some of the tension between he and Lydon and claims he was perfectly okay with getting the boot, though he also claims that the press release saying he was kicked out because he liked Paul Mc Cartney was entirely a fabrication to attract attention. The absolute minute you hear the mad electric guitars and Rotten's voice, you start rockin' on, dancing like a freak, and singing. IRA is the Irish Republican Army of course and the UDA is the Ulster Defense Association, a Loyalist (voilent Unionists are called Loyalists just like voilent Nationalists are called Republicans) group that opposed the IRA.

Matlock was welcomed back for their 1996 reunion tour."Anarchy in the UK" What can I say? If you watch the Bill Grundy clip it shows that the band weren't to blame.

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