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If possible, use another media player and see if the result is the same.If you did not encounter the same issue with another media or music player, it is very likely that the problem lies with software.Under the sounds tab, you will have an opportunity to test the functionality of your computer’s sound system.Check your sound devices and see if they are properly selected.If your USB port isn’t working properly, you probably need an updated USB driver. Whenever your drivers need updating, there are several things to consider.In fact, major USB card/hub manufacturers like Kingston, Si S, Intel, USB 3,0, 2.0, Generic, Belkin, IOGear, Star Tech, Zonet, La Cie and Net Gear suggest that you update your drivers when ever there is an update, security fix or Windows upgrade. The first thing to keep in mind is that you have to know who manufactured the USB device (this could be a card, hub or external USB drive).

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You would only lose your precious savings while the sound trouble still persists.

Make sure you have the Windows CD inserted in your CDROM drive. Also, in the course of your troubleshooting, before proceeding to hardware replacement, consider reinstalling the entire computer system first.

Sometimes, it is the operating itself and not the hardware that is causing the problem.

Take the hassle and frustration out of locating USB Drivers with our automatic driver update tool Downloading is just the first part of the process. Most Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and ME systems have an installation wizard that takes you step by step through the installation process.

This process, though, can result in corrupted drivers or incomplete installations. At Driver Detective we can identify, locate, download and install the correct drivers for your USB card through our recommended software, as well as all of your other peripherals.

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