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Here's our list of all the 2018 April Fools' Day online pranks. Adobe isn't actually launching this new Illustrator feature for hungry designers. Google Japan hasn't invented a way to let you swipe your finger on your regular old keyboard to draw handwritten letters.Tech company pranks Reddit's April Fools' joke is still officially a mystery - but some evidence uncovered by Redditors suggests it MIGHT have something to do with this (https:// (or maybe the whole thing is, itself, a prank, who knows)Imgur isn't launching a streaming service Amazon Publishing isn't delivering actual authors to people's houses Fitbit isn't launching a dating app Netflix hasn't acquired the "personal autonomy" of Seth Rogen. Discord's insane video announcing a new fake feature makes me start to sweat. Google Australia didn't team up with a popular Australian You Tuber to re-brand Google as "googz."Fake cryptocurrencies Tumblr isn't launching a cryptocurrency called Tumblcoin Houzz isn't launching a cryptocurrency called "Houzz Coinzz"Sam's Club isn't launching a cryptocurrency called "bulkcoin"Hpnotiq, the liquor company, isn't launching a cryptocurrency called Hpno-Currency Pet-themed pranks Children's Healthcare of Atlanta isn't also a vet's office now Everywair isn't a system for making sure your whole house smells like cat litter Facetune isn't making a version of their app for catse Harmony isn't getting into dog matching. Rent the Runway isn't starting a rental service for dog clothes.IBM isn't launching a Model Q quantum keyboard Several subreddits on Reddit have some pretty clever April Fools' ideas: r/nosleep (a scary story subreddit) is now a Backstreet Boys fan page, and r/itookapicture has banned all . Facebook isn't going to let you see who viewed your profile. A Kraken hasn't been spotted on the Thames river in London.(this is a brand prank from Kraken rum)Viral pranks on kids This kid got an "apple" phone for Easter.White Castle isn't getting into the onion-flavored whey protein business. Honda isn't launching a "sixth sense" app for people who are walking and checking their phones. You can't actually use this Airbnb-like service to share a portion of a bed with someone. Cheese's animatronics aren't going on a farewell tour. Porn Hub did not become Horn Hub, a site for instrument and antler enthusiasts.

Brit Box isn't launching a feature that lets you listen to American accents dubbed over British TV shows.

Miscellaneous brand pranks Southwest Air isn't selling a virtual home assistant A DC-based solar company isn't opening up coal plants Charmin didn't launch a coffee line The new Sonic merch based on a meme version of a character is a joke Playstation isn't launching a board game The Lion King isn't coming to Antarctica Zazzle isn't doing a meme app This apparel that weighs nothing is fake Stonewall Kitchen isn't selling used jams Ikea isn't coming out with a combination dog collar-selfie stick, a phone-holding bed pillow, or any of these other screen-holding products This app won't teach you how to speak whale Funko isn't selling a spray that will protect collector's boxes from damage Siggi's is not launching fermented shark yogurt This AR app for business innovation is fake Playper isn't disrupting paper This is a fake credit union for millennials This meal delivery service for remote campsites isn't real (https://

utm_campaign=April Fools 1 2018 (KXPTY3)&utm_medium=email&_ke=YWNjcmltb Wluc0Bt YWMu Y29t&utm_source=MASTER SEGMENT)Dollar Shave Club isn't introducing ghost pepper wipes Lush isn't selling beer bath bombs Walt Disney World isn't selling kale churros You can't buy this nitrous oxide speed booster for your 3D printer Smithfield hasn't launched bacon-flavored breakfast cereal. Planet Fitness doesn't have a new line of treadmills that are covered in grass and snow. Evo isn't making a new app to "radify" your Instagram pictures. Redbox isn't launching walk-up movie theater booths.

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