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This is a quick reference page which lists the most common commands used by Pacman and various popular wrappers.

Please keep in mind that commands are not thoroughly explained in this Wiki page.

After some testing, I decided that installing Mate and Compiz on top of existing is a good option.

To install Mate and Compiz on exisitng Fedora 19, please refer to Install Mate Desktop with Compiz on Fedora 19.

This software is design for new user and provide a simple to install software at one click.

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Wine under Linux and/or other operating systems are marked as No, mostly noted, but there may be other applications running under emulation and/or compatibility layer(s) which are not marked).I tried 6 DVDs (each a different movie, not a series using some strange copy protection, as one might think) - same result.I created an okay 1:1 copy with dvdbackup, then ran k9copy on it - same result.Other minimum system requirements are listed; some features (like High Definition support) may be unavailable with these specifications.Note: Applications with a purple background are no longer in development.

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