Updating nikon camera firmware

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And of course Meike grip and many many third party batteries. That last bug got me an annoying number of times: "In some rare cases, the memory card access lamp remained lit for longer than usual, and some time was required before any operations could be performed" Turn it on and the yellow light stays on for what seems forever, especially when you are in a hurry. Finally, proof that the internal commander mode was flakier than a good croissant.I can't find much to fault in the third party battery wars.Why do you assume that Nikon intentionally broke third party battery support like some mustache twirling cartoon villain?It is far more likely that Nikon is not bothered by cheap e-bay batteries at all and they're not even a consideration when writing the new firmware.Sigma noticed problems before and is fixing them for their current lenses so they're the best to ask in my opinion.Hi, I updated my D800 to 1.10 yesterday, with very "little soul" about functionality of Sigma 500/4,5 EX, and Tamron 24-70 VR.

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They are forcing their camera customers to buy Nikon batteries (and possibly lenses?

Nikon also updated firmware for the UT-1 communication unit, two Coolpix models and Nikon 1 mirrorless cameras. IMPORTANT NOTE: To enable support for these functions, Communication Unit UT-1 firmware must be updated to Ver.

2.0 or later, and the Wireless Transmitter Utility must be updated to 1.5.0 or later.

When camera firmware is updated, network profiles specified with earlier firmware versions cannot be used. Just updated my D800E with this firmware and it appears to have fixed the issue of slow recognition of the camera when tethered to computer (in my case MBPr).

So far all smooth download and no speed good with RAW transfer. I haven't flashed the previous firmware on the D800, would I still need to flash it before flashing this one or just this one would solve all the older fixes as well?

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