Updating strong satellite receiver software

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For doing diagnostic and low signal level work Linrad is full featured and fast.

osmocom_fft comes with GNU Radio module gr-osmosdr and is the natural and best way to use gr-fosphor; a GPU accelerated display.

These are the latest software updates approved by Strong Technologies SRT 4920, SRT 4930A, SRT 4922, SRT 4922A, SRT 4922D Download V146SRT 4922, SRT 4922A, SRT 4922D [CD CAS Multi TV / Ghana only] Download Version 1.45SRT 4930, SRT 4930 WITH LAN Download Version 1.72SRT 4950H [CD CAS Multi TV / Ghana only] Download Version 3.12SRT 4902, SRT 4902 WITH LAN Download Version 162SRT 4915 Download Version 1.00SRT 4940 Download Version 1.34Follow this guide to Update your decoder 1.

Connect your USB drive or SD Card via USB cable to the decoder 2. Wait for 15 seconds then go to software update section on your receiver 5.

That can be resampled inside the RTL2832U to present whatever sample rate is desired to the host PC. The actual output is interleaved; so one byte I, then one byte Q with no header or metadata (timestamps).

This resampled output can be up to 3.2 MS/s but 2.56 MS/s is the max recommended to avoid losing samples. The samples themselves are unsigned and you subtract 127 from them to get their actual value.

multimode has a very full and configurable GUI (it works great with GPU accelerated displays like gr-fosphor).

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The quadrature mixer produces a complex-baseband output where the signal spans from -bandwidth/2 to bandwidth/2 and bandwidth is the analog bandwidth of the mixer output stages.

Note: To safely upgrade your receiver, Do not Power Off during installation, You must have a stable electricity or power generator.

A sudden power outage can cause damage to your decoder.

The Sigma-Delta ADC samples at some high rate but low precision.

From this a 28.8 Msps stream at 8 bits is produced.

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