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However, we all know that GPS signals can be unreliable and are prone to errors occasionally.

This problem can be overcome by using the Radar Overlay and Echo Referencing facility in the ECDIS and Radar.

Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of paperless navigation. Availability: One of the great advantages of ECDIS over paper charts is the availability of electronic charts – especially when voyage orders are received at the last minute.

Gone are the days when Second Mates huddled over the good old NP 131 (chart catalogue) to determine what charts they require for the voyage.

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Once this is done, the user will have to activate the overlay tab of the ECDIS which will super impose the Radar Screen on the ECDIS.With vessels going chartless, all that the Second Mate needs to do now is plot a rough course in the voyage planner and a list of all the required paper charts is populated.The Master then emails this list to the chart supplier, who will then send the activation codes for those charts.This was followed by the arduous task of ordering these charts and hoping that they arrive in time.More often than not, this proved a major challenge especially on tramper trades which tend to get last minute voyage orders.

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