Victorian time dating

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Behind all the glamour, these dresses embodied the imprisoned bodies under the unjust society of Victorian England, especially after a woman was married.

The Melbourne scandal was a crucial biting point for divorce laws to be changed and advanced in Victorian England, and on a social level, was a greater shock for Victorians.

Through law, George Norton confiscated all of Caroline’s earnings that she had made as a writer.

As a Prime Minister, Melbourne was blackmailed by Caroline and forced to support her divorce case which lead to paving changes in divorce laws.

Though seven years is minor, Caroline ‘popped the cherry’ and left her foot marks in history.

We see in many of his poems that Browning underlines how men in society saw women in the Victorian era as a sexual object, and very much infers that their purpose is to please men, which in ‘The Pretty Women’ he conveys effectively.

Women are something private for the man, inside the house they serve their man; however, the man’s duty is to protect her outside the house.

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George Norton had found out their affair and consequently took away their children from Caroline, not be seen by her again.The Prime Minister, Lord Melbourne, had an affair with Caroline Norton who was at the same time married to George Chapple Norton, Melbourne’s close friend.Instead of a basic sexual desire, the affair was to do with the inescapable love they felt when “they were drawn irresistibly to each other” (Mail online).The ‘Matrimonial Causes Act 1857’ was unavoidably a revolutionary change, leaving the Church of England out of divorce cases and making it the duty of barristers.Though a woman desiring to divorce would still need a fair amount of wealth, bearing in mind that before 1857, “ecclesiastical courts had the sole jurisdiction over marital disputes”, her application had a higher chance of acceptance in the new style courts that evaluated the circumstance and reasons for divorce.

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