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So II has taken a member's request fee of 9 and their week, yet they can make another 9 - 00 if they resell weeks they recieve from resorts rather than fill trades with them.

This is somewhat excuseable, but are they truly recieving these weeks from the resorts or just selling them from owner deposits anyway ? The marketing program which is an outright rip-off is Shortstay.

I had gone to the doctors twice and have taken metronidazole and clindamycin. Both gave me unwanted side effects and my symptoms came back after a week with both. After a lot of research i was determined to fight this as I have seen many women have it for years and not have any solutions.

I take a vitamin b complex with folic acid 800, vitamin d3 5000iu and acidiphilus daily.

Not denying it is good for a member extra stay flexibility, but I just found the EXACT property and week I had on request sitting in a 6 day shortstay. II said that was a different inventory and couldnt be given to me because I was requesting a full week.

When I complained harder they conceded and gave me the whole 7 days at this property.

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These are all valid concerns that we’ll clear up, putting your mind at ease when it comes time to update Adobe Flash Player. Plug-ins (or "plugins" – both are correct) are software elements used by web browsers, often to display certain types of content such as Flash or Java.

Their Flexchange and Shortstay programs are positioned to be a "benefit" at a premium, yet they are placing weeks which members have on request directly into these "for sale" sites rather than completing a trade for a requesting member as they were originally chartered and set up as. While on request for a specific week, I have seen that same week and property show up on II's Flexchange and Shortstay sale inventory rather than being placed to me.

Understandably with the economy, owners are foregoing their maintenance fees and resorts are left w/ spare inventory weeks that they give to II to sell.

Internval International or has been a reputable place to deposit and exchange a time share property for most of the 20 years we have been a member.

With new management & ownership over the last several years, this "exchange" program has lapsed into a travel-vacation company which seems bent on collecting more than the 9 per exchange from members for properties.

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