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I won’t even think about owning a vibrator unless I can submerge it completely in water.This one fits the bill perfectly, and can be fully enjoyed anywhere.You Always Standing In Most Higher Ground Stay Always That Way. Stay Stronger With Your Israelite Brothers Help Each Others Through In Think And Thin All The Ways Through. Protect all your People, including your Religious Jews! The Jews living in Israel are just like you-- it's up to ALL of us to live in our land and sacrifice together to make it safe. THE WINDS OF PEACE ARE GATHERING TOGETHER, WILL WAVE YOUR FLAG FOREVER AND EVER. Our election is over and our Prime Minister Steven Harper is greatly supportive, even vocally, for Israel. But all agree that a live, single [or married :-) ] female voice, except perhaps at certain times for a father, brother, husband, or son, may not be listened to according to the Torah.

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It comes with the standard USB charger, just like the other Lelo toys.If it were just an audio and we wouldn't even see the Israel flags or the street sign saying Ben Yehuda , I wonder if people would be so exited about it. If you have never spent a few weeks in Eretz Yisrael, do it.I also share these excited feelings and can't figure out why. and was also so excited until I started thinking that the words, besides not being Israeli or Jewish, don't even make sense. May we all be together in Israel not next year, not next month, not next week-------but NOW.The shower, bath, hot tub or pool won’t slow it down a bit.As with all silicone toys, a water based lube is always a safe bet. Or, you can read more about anal lubes, right here.

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