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Cookies are important to the proper functioning of a website.We use cookies to enhance website performance and to monitor website traffic.During the last 100 days your positive comments motivated me to push through and stay committed.Just when you were thinking, "Hey, whatever happened to those guys from O-Town?? Erik-Michael, Dan, Trevor and Jacob are back in the studio ...

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But a few weeks ago -- when it became clear Ashley wasn't going to change his mind -- the guys decided to officially move forward without him ... Ashley just started a new 100 Days of Fitness challenge lat week, so we can expect to see lots more photos over the next few months. Answer is I’ve found no better way to super charge GOALS than to shout out to the universe exactly what you want.Do this in a BIG way and your guaranteeing success,” he wrote on Facebook.] All the drool-worthy photos were posted to reveal his progress as he embarked on the workout endeavour #100Days Of Fitness. By the time he shared a se XXXy snap of his naked bod, he had successfully filled his 100-day quota, but he used the caption of the skintillating shot to express his fondness for the experience, writing: "The #100Days Of Fitness challenge may be behind me now but the journey continues.And we have to say we completely loved watching his journey unfold… It's incredible how the human body responds and transforms to even just 100 days of a consistent diet and exercise program." "During the last 100 days your positive comments motivated me to push through and stay committed.

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