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Sedentary village farming in Mesoamerica came into being by about 1500 .

Corn (maize), beans, squashes, chili peppers, and cotton were the most important crops.

For example, the Maya excelled in the intellectual pursuits of hieroglyphic writing, calendar making, and mathematics, while the Teotihuacán civilization placed its emphasis on political and commercial power.

Teotihuacán, in the Valley of Mexico, was an urban centre of some 150,000 people, and the influence of its civilization eventually radiated over much of Mesoamerica.

This last native Mesoamerican empire was conquered by Hernán Cortés (or Cortéz) and the Spaniards in 1521.

In the , or somewhat earlier than was the case in Mesoamerica.

Among these competitors were the Toltecs of Tula, in central Mexico, who held sway from perhaps 900 to 1200 (the Early Postclassic Period).

After their decline (in the Late Postclassic Period), another interregnum of warring states lasted until 1428, when the Aztec defeated the rival city of Azcapotzalco and emerged as the dominant force in central Mexico.

These changes first appeared in the southern Gulf coast region of what is now Mexico; and the sculptures, rendered in a style now called Olmec, are presumed to depict chiefs or rulers. Spencer who played a doctor for so long might have had a little help from his real life family; the 34-year-old has two older brothers: Tarney, who is an ocular-plastic surgeon, and Luke, who is an orthopedic surgeon; and a younger sister, Polly, who is an anesthetic registrar. Spencer played Chase for the show’s entire run, becoming the second longest-serving member of the title character’s team.From these and other archaeological indications it has been inferred that a class-structured and politically centralized society developed.There appeared subsequently other large capital towns and cities in neighbouring regions that also displayed a similar Olmec art style.

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