Who is nia long currently dating

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City’s average league position: 18th City’s average attendance position: 13th (3 years in Div 2 – positions not included) City’s average attendance: 27,823 United’s average league position: 7th United’s average attendance position: 2nd United’s average attendance: 45,199 In the 1970s…

City’s average league position: 9th City’s average attendance position: 6th City’s average attendance: 35,178 United’s average league position: 11th United’s average attendance position: 1st (1 year in Div 2 – position not included) United’s average attendance: 48,328 In the 1980s…

Is it true that City have the best support in Manchester?

Is it true that our fanbase is full of glory supporters who only starting coming once we’d won trophies?

How then did “Holiday” manage to outperform expectations by to million?

Part of it is good luck, part is good execution, but much of it is that the expectations were unduly low, thanks to the inability of even studio marketers to recognize the existence of an African-American audience, largely older and female, that’s woefully underserved.

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– United have a higher average attendance than City for every decade since the 1940’s.So, let’s take a walk down memory lane and get to the truth behind the deluded City lies…I came across a brilliant website, European Football Statistics, which gives the average attendances for English football since the 1947-1948 season.Me commenting on this brought flocks of City fans to the blog, all trying to justify the reasons behind it.The excuses ranged from the more understandable, citing the proximity to Christmas, to the insane, claiming that we just weren’t a big draw for them anymore.

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