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He was summoned to Darwin Local Court on Monday morning, where he was slapped with more than AU00 worth of fines.CAMS has now moved to publicly condemn Gordon's controversial antics, releasing a statement confirming that a full investigation will take place and that Gordon won't be able to apply for a competition visa in Australia for an indefinite period."Such irresponsible behaviour in a racing vehicle and in an uncontrolled environment on a public road is simply inexcusable, and has the potential to harm the reputation and integrity of our sport across all levels," read the statement from the peak governing body in Australia."The civil matter has since been heard in the Darwin Local Court."In acknowledgement of the judge's scathing remarks in the ruling of the case, CAMS chief executive officer Eugene Arocca has now opted to indefinitely deny Mr Gordon from applying for a competition visa on health and safety grounds."Further, CAMS will conduct an investigation reviewing the incident."A timeframe for the sanction will be determined at a later date pending the findings from the investigation."According to Arocca, it's important to distance motorsport from 'hooning' on public roads."With CAMS actively engaging more than ever with local communities, government, and corporate Australia to grow and promote our sport, so-called 'hoon' behaviour on public roads is not reflective of our values, nor our member base, and will not be tolerated," he said."It is unfortunate that such actions have taken place after an otherwise professional and well organised event at Hidden Valley Raceway, and such behaviour is not reflective of the organising committee of that event or Supercars."We are disappointed that this incident is not demonstrative of the requisite level of professionalism demanded by modern motorsport."As a signatory of the global FIA Action for Road Safety campaign, we believe our CAMS licence holders, volunteers, circuits and car clubs - including our board and staff - uphold responsible conduct on our public roads."While the Stadium Super Truck series has enjoyed incredible success in Australia over the past few years, it's future is now on rocky ground given that Gordon is both the owner and a key competitor.Her weight increases in "Moss Piglets", where she ends up being almost as fat as her boyfriend, Cartman.Heidi is often sweet and socially friendly, although in earlier seasons she proved to sometimes be unkind to the point of cruelty.When she was dressed as a whore in "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset", she wore a white crop-top and matching skirt, very similar to Sally's.When dressed for bed, she wears lavender plaid pajamas with a pink collar and pockets, as seen in "Marjorine".Although her father was dead, he was later shown alive in "Helen Keller!The Musical", telling his wife that he regrets cheating on her with another woman. Further, in "Cartoon Wars Part I" she was shown yet again with a different set of parents and a possible sibling. Cartman, however, did show remorse for breaking the egg and asked Mrs. However, this was done for a selfish reason, as Cartman figured an A and an F would average out to a C-.

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Robby Gordon has been hit with an indefinite ban on applying for a competition visa by the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, following his public street burnout last Saturday night.

The Stadium Super Trucks owner and competitor caused an uproar when he performed a burnout in one of his trucks on a public road in front of a popular Darwin nightspot on Saturday.

In the following episode, "Moss Piglets", Cartman's meddling indirectly causes Heidi to become cruel, wicked, and dejected. Heidi and her parents were first seen in the story arc "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell? When Cartman founded his church and the parents were trying to convince their kids to come back, Heidi went inside.

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