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From then on, she has gathered herself massive admiration, respect, and fortune as well.

From her pay from the show and various other sources like advertisements, special appearance in other programs, she has successfully gathered herself a staggering net worth of million dollars.

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She briefly became a stripper to prevent her family from being evicted.

"It's the 35th anniversary of the school, so we all get together to celebrate....

But sadly, the wheelchair ramp was out of service," Ruggiero told the mag, crushing our dreams that Drake would make a cameo.

For most of her Degrassi tenure she has rebelled against her conservative Muslim upbringing and landed herself in many difficult situations, particularly with boys.

After her parents were alerted to her former ways through her disciplinary file at school, she soon realized that she needed to improve her life, but despite trying to do this, she still manages to make the same mistakes from time to time, although she has become consistent with being the best student she can possibly be.

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