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See more » One of the least successful movies of the year, when it should have been one of the most, is Willard, the remake of the Bruce Davison version.It has everything going for it, and it was really the dismal marketing campaign that brought it to its early demise.Morgan takes what could have been disastrous and turned it around to become a truly creepy film.Willard shows the side of every person who wants to do something evil, but can't find the will to do it.I won't spoil them, although they're still funny on repeat viewings. He's not afraid to let go and let his emotions run him over. Ermey is outstanding, but, then again, when is he not?The acting, especially by Glover, who isn't a forerunner in big Hollywood names, is spectacular. He just plays an evil character, and that's what he's great at.If more people had given it a chance, then hopefully it would have been more successful and more people would have been able to see this masterwork.

They moved to Janesville, Wisconsin in 1846 for Josiah Willard's health.

In Wisconsin, the family, formerly Congregationalists, became Methodists.

Frances and her sister Mary attended Milwaukee Normal Institute, where their mother's sister taught.

That's where Willard succeeds, you end up rooting for someone you normally wouldn't because he's doing something that you desperately want to do.

Willard is a modern masterpiece, one that will thankfully find a huge audience on DVD.

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