Xp not updating wsus

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In our example OU structure is extremely simple: there are two containers – Servers (it contains all servers of the company, as well as domain controllers) and WKS (Workstations – user computers). We consider only a fairly simple option of binding the WSUS policies to clients.

In real world, it is possible to bind a single WSUS policy to all domain computers (a GPO is assigned to the domain root), distribute different computers between different OUs (like in our example), in distributed networks it’s worth to bind different WSUS servers to the AD sites, or to assign a GPO based on the WMI filters, or even combine these methods.

In this article we will consider how to configure clients of the WSUS server using Active Directory GPO (Group Policies).

AD Group Policies allow the administrator to automatically assign computers to different WSUS groups, saving him the trouble of manually moving the computers between groups in the WSUS console and support these groups up-to-date.

It is expected that our network will use two different update policies: one for servers (Servers) and another one for workstations (Workstations). The policy of using the WSUS server by its clients depends largely on the organizational structure of the Active Directory OU (organization units) and update installation rules in the company.

In this article we will try to understand the basic principles of using AD policies to install Windows updates.

Besides, we want to disable the automatic installation of updates on the servers when they are received.

I just added WSUS to my 2008 server and everything is working fine except that about 90% of the clients are showing the IP of the router and not theirs. I even tried removing one of the computers from the wsus server and waited for it to recheck in hoping that it would show up correctly now and it still came back in reporting as it's IP Just got word from above that they are changing how the infrastructure is set up so how I set up this WSUS won't work anymore for the 2 subnets.After the updates are installed, the PCs are restarted automatically (having notified the user in 5 minutes). To let the computers in the company have all available patches installed, both policies can be configured so that the update service (wuauserv) is forced to start on the client.To do it, under Computer Configuration -The next step is to assign the created policies to the corresponding Active Directory containers (OU).We are not running a proxy and searching the internet that was the only cause I could find for this. Let's try this: Run the below on all the client Pc's so that they can regenerate new SUSclient Id's and try to clear up the issue. As you can see 1 computer in the previous one has a correct IP address showing. We have checked the network settings on the 9 or so that are wrong and they are configured correctly. So I have to split the wsus into the 2 separate subnets. I like to do this using psexec with the switches -c(copy) -f(force) -s(run in system context) -d(Dont wait before moving on to next) psexec \* -c -f -s -d \server\share\If managing Active Directory using Windows Powershell® is making you feel like you stepped back in time, you are not alone.

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