Xref layers not updating

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Leverage your existing on-premises license entitlement in your journey to the cloud.Get license support through your existing on-premises support contract.See Creating Services with Oracle Autonomous Analytics Cloud in (BI and data visualization services) Update the password Oracle Analytics Cloud uses to access Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic from the Console instead of using a script.Use the new Create agents that deliver your analyses, dashboards, and briefing books to specific recipients and to subscribers.

In Data Modeler, you can export a single data model to a JSON file and use the information in the file to re-create the model in another service.See Importing a Data Model and Exporting a Data Model.Calculation in hybrid mode is improved to work more efficiently when some intersections have #Missing values.You can save a data flow as a database connection, which stores the data flow data to a database table. You can merge two or more columns in a data flow to display as one column. You can adjust the display format of a date or time column to show a different level of granularity.See Adjusting the Display Format of Date or Time Columns.

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