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The one indisputable advantage of the Home is its ability to serve as a controller for a Chromecast Audio multiroom audio system.This means you can use voice commands to stream the same song or podcast to several synchronized speakers in different rooms simultaneously.

As speakers and music-listening devices, voice-controlled speakers are most convenient for people who like to always have music around them but don’t want to fuss with a smartphone to select their channels or playlists.Simply say a trigger word, tell it what you want to listen to, and it starts playing.(This does mean that it’s always listening to you, but as we explain below, this isn’t as big of a privacy risk as it appears at first blush.) Of course, these are not audiophile speakers—you can get much-better-sounding speakers for the price if that’s your priority.The Echo is not the all-capable computer from but it is a smart digital assistant that’s constantly improving as Amazon adds more abilities to it.Amazon offers several other Alexa-enabled smart speakers in addition to the standard-model Echo: the smaller Echo Dot, which is a good choice if you want to connect it to your own (higher-quality) speaker system; the Echo Plus, with a built-in Zigbee smart-home hub; the portable Echo Tap; and the video-enabled Echo Show, along with the smaller Echo Spot and the fashion-focused Echo Look.

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